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We have organized

New Year's Open Air Concert with Polish TV2 in Wroclaw 2012/2013 was held under the motto of 60 hits on the 60th anniversary of the Polish Television. The Big Market Square in Wroclaw hosted   a lot of the Polish stars, including Maryla Rodowicz, Krzysztof Krawczyk, Kayah, Kuba Badach, Ania Rusowicz, Michał Szpak, Damian Ukeje. The live event was watched by about 150 thousand people. The live video and audio transmission for such a large group of spectators on the big screens away from the scene together with the sound system was provided AVIP Group.

The biggest indoor Reggae Festival in Europe!  The ninth edition of One Love Sound Fest 2012 was held in Wroclaw on Nov. 17, 2012. Over eight years, the festival has developed into the biggest indoor reggae festival in Europe! The festival was held in the great modernist interiors of the Wroclaw Centennial Hall, which can accommodate up to 12,000 people. Such a prestigious event certainly could not lack the multimedia equipment provided by AVIP Group - IVENTEK.

The world’s premiere of ‘Faust’ after 200 years in the Palace of Wojanów. The Goethe's masterpiece with music of Prince Antoni Henryk Radziwiłł had its premiere after two hundred years in the palace in Wojanów near Wroclaw. The fact that the music was created in one of the palaces of the Jelenia Góra Basin - the Palace of Ciszyca near Kowary, which was owned by Antoni Radziwiłł in the nineteenth century – decided on selection of this work. The background for the show was the palace and park complex in Wojanów. The performance starred the Lower Silesian Philharmonic Orchestra under the baton of Marcin Nałęcz-Niesiołowski, Sing-Akademie zu Berlin choir and choir singers from Poznań. Opera singers from Poland and Germany appeared on stage.

Scorpions farewell concert in Wrocław. Heavy, hard rock riffs, high-pitched solos, chorus sung refrains, but also beautiful, sentimental ballads, and all of that done at a high level and in a pleasant atmosphere. This was the Scorpions’ concert which took place on August 31 in Wrocław at the event ‘WROCK for Freedom: Legends of Rock’. At the same time, it was the last concert in the band's career, by which the artists, being for 43 years on the road, said goodbye to the fans in Poland. Lighters, mobile phones and thousands of throats singing ‘Wind of Change’, a song that is well known to all of those who fought for it. You can describe the image (transmitted during realization of the concert on two large screens of IVENTEK placed on the area of depot), but it is impossible to convey the emotions that accompanied the event.

Woodstock Festival 2012 is the biggest festival in Europe, one of the largest in the world. This year, during the eighteenth edition, more than 700 thousand people enjoyed themselves there. One of the main sponsors of the festival was the fastest growing mobile network in Poland - PLAY. As a part of promotion, a unique PLAY zone was created, in which the participants could take advantage of a lot attractions and a special program organized by the operator. AVIP Group - IVENTEK contributed to the success of the zone organizer by providing the largest LED-screen with an area of ​​52 square meters on the area of Woodstock and the zone itself.

Summer Music Fest in Sandomierz (for 10 years)

Bodensee Music Festival - Germany

Rheingau Music Festival - Germany

Master Konzerte in Iffeldorf - long-term cooperation - Germany

Music Festival in Bratislava - Slovakia

Lancut International Music Festival

Mikołow Music Festival

Daisy Music Festival in Pszczyna

JezzBez Festival in Lvov in the Ukraine- Gala Concert at the Opera House of Lvov

Festival of Modern Music in Kiev in the Ukraine– Premiere Concertos

Curtain Festival in Lvov in the Ukraine

Gdynia Summer Jazz Festival

Four Culture International Festival Poland- a huge outdoor concert with our artists, cooperation with CiMusic.

Busko Zdroj International Music Festival

Jewish Culture Festival in Wroclaw

Bad Kreuzenach Festival - Germany

Festival Antofagasta - Chile

Chamber Music Festival in Santiago de Chile

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AVIP Group will help in creating small or large cyclic event. They will adjust the design of the festival and the range of services to your needs, opportunities and situations and will make this event memorable for its participants. In addition, we are proud of cooperation with the client and the effects that he/she wants to achieve. With AVIP Group, you can be sure about one thing: your dreams fly far away in the clouds while their execution keeps both feet on the ground.

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