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Outstanding polish Quadrivium String Quartet is an elite consort of professional concert artists. They specialize in providing live entertainment for cruise lines, hotels, private parties, corporate events, concert recitals and other special ocassions.

Came into being „Quadrivium String Quartet” since 10 years we play the campaigns in a variety of vessels. Five years on „Princess Cruisses”, two years on „The Queen Mary”, and now there years working on „Oceania Cruises”. We Have a very wide repertoire. We play jazz, pop, roch, dance music, film and broadway music and of course classics. Very solidly prepares to work and commitment to work on the image of our quartet. We always have very high rarings. Now I am interested in establishing cooperation with NCL, about which I’ve heard a lot of good.


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Quadrivium String Quartet

Prominent Polish String Quartet

"Quadrivium String Quartet Artists have great stage experience and a huge repertoire .."


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