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AVIP „For Artists for Ship's & Hotel's is a full service entertainment company. AVIP Group is one the most respected cruise ship entertainment agencies. AVIP offers a full range of artists – soloists, vocalists, band musicians, cocktail pianists, dancing duets, trios and string quartets. Our artists are the world’s most respected and highest rated ones in the international opinion.

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AVIP Group is one of few companies on the International market which offer comprehensive services for small and large cultural events, advertising and promotional campaigns and organization of events - special events. Our long and extensive experience in the organization ensures efficiency and speed. Organization of a concert, event or festival requires at least a few weeks and sometimes many months of preparation and work of the whole team. The founder and the artistic director of AVIP Group is Doctor Woytek Mrozek. His remarkable artistic talent, his kind and communicative way of being, competence and 22 years of productions experience have allowed us to produce small and large cultural events, international projects and music shows admired around the world. We also have the opportunity to work with an international group of artists, managements and corporations. Our experience, dedication, positive energy, speed and professionalism in action allow for production of small and large events, concerts, shows, for organization of festivals and international tours. AVIP Group has gathered responsible and stunning colleagues around itself. We conduct all activities with great devotion, integrity, competence, perfection and vigilance, which raises trust and respect of our clients and partners.

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