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Tony Payne - Las Vegas

International Artist Management Coordinator

AVIP Group 


Arts & Ideas, public relations, booking proposals along with human resources, production in video and audio. These are a few of the qualities required for a successful booking contract.

Certified with the Berklee School of Music in the areas of Media and digital music downloads marketing and music production with Ableton Live recording software. Along with his experience in public relations from West Virginia University.

Tony has been on both sides of successful contracts and aims to make sure that there is a perfect fit for the client and the artist. His hands-on approach is an extra bonus to achieve the desired results.

Tony also has the real life experience to support his efforts. With seven years working on the Las Vegas strip for the major hotels and his international travel experience from China to Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, Kazakhstan, Cruise Ships worldwide and much more.



Marcin Hasse

Global Entertainment Services for business, hotels/resorts and cruises.  

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