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Work with AVIP Group

We are continuously looking for artists, bands, musical groups with professional experience. Outstanding programs are always appreciated in AVIP Group.

Our cooperation starts with knowing each other. Plese kindly introduce yourself by providing your promotional materials. If your program matches our quality requirements and meet our goals associated with audience attractiveness we will for sure get back to you and define type of cooperation. AVIP Group assures artistic mentoring and program tuning in the way in which it can be presented at our partners stages.

If you have remarkable program and if you are interested working in professional, honest and supportive environment, please send us:


  • 3-4 photos
  • Biography in English
  • Experience in English
  • Recommendations
  • Contact to the person for whom you have worked recently
  • Covers CD / DVD in JPG format (Entertainers)
  • MP3 files with the artist, music group, band
  • Links on the youtube with your artistic production
  • English speaking self-presentation (can be on YouTube)
  • Link to your webpage



Work with us

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