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Barbara Karaskiewicz Classical Concert Pianist

Barbara Karaskiewicz 

She took her first piano lesson at the age of five. In 1999 she graduated from University of Music in Katowice/Poland with distinction. Recently she has completed her Ph.D. at the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw/Poland. During the 1990s she won major prizes at several international competitions.  Since then she performed all over Europe and in many countries of South America.  The pianist can boast of a broad solo and chamber music repertoire, spanning from Baroque music to contemporary times.

Her recordings include the complete edition of piano works (2 CDs) by the Polish composer Roman Statkowski. Barbara’s third CD contains piano works of the living British composer, Michael Garrett. This extremely colourful and passionate music, although classical, is diversified by jazz influences and folk music inspirations. 

“Since the first until the last note of the music, I could not help but sincerely admire the skills of the pianist: her brilliant virtuosity, beautiful sound, subtle narration, reverence to each musical phrase (…). She could find an original, personal interpretative distance to each miniature she performed.” (David Bottrill)

“Barbara Karaskiewicz possesses that rare gift of playing with an extraordinary sense of nuanse and flexibility of phrasing which brings out the beauty of the music.”  (Anna Izykowska - Mironowicz)


Kontakt: AVIP Group, , email:   tel. +48-600 384750 / 743