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Space Violin duo is invited and performs successfully during different kinds of musical events, ceremonies, concerts, festivals and company meetings. During its shows the group enters into specific communication with the audience, creates and transmits a positive energy blowing the audience away with its brilliant play and interpretation at the same time.

Since 2000 the Duo cooperates with the Polish Tourist Organization, Ministry of Culture, the Adam Mickiewicz Institute and the Metropolitan Concert Hall.

In white and red Space Violin proudly represents Poland, its cultural output and high level of artistic skills during multiple concerts, international fairs and cultural events in EU countries, Middle East and on the other side of the ocean. Through its unconventional and original style of play the duo wins sympathy and recognition of bigger and bigger number of international fans.




Space Violin Duo

Monika & Claudia

".. One of the greatest Violin Duo from Poland. The Space Violin Duo has performed in many of the largest and most prestigious concert halls and festivals on the world. Space Violin has two unique programs:  Classical & Pop Music Show and Irish Music Show..."