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Johann Kruk - Play Strauss Music

"Evening in Vienna" is an unusual opportunity opportunities of enjoying music of old Vienna in the whole spectrum of its color and tone. You can listen to the artistically designed, and extremely impressive virtuoso violin pieces inspired by folk music from different parts of Europe, which used the Johann Strauss. An additional highlight is the concert fantasy G. Bizet's Carmen with a very popular opera "Carmen". You can have the option of involving the singer and couple dance at a concert. Contractor will take you on an enchanting musical journey in the footsteps of Johann Strauss Orchestra, providing hot atmosphere and full of artistic impressions evening.

Vienna Parade

With Johann Strauss Music

Johann Kruk violin solo

Strigs Orchestra or Strings Quintet, 1fl, 1ob,1cl, 2 horn, piano, drum,

2 Dancers


 Program Part I

 1. Johann Strauss „Fruhlingstimmen Walzer"  

 2. Johann Strauss "Kaiser Walzer"

 3. Johann Strauss "Furioso polka" quasi gallop

 4. Johann Strauss "Kaiser Franz Joseph Marsch"

 5. Johann Strauss "Blumenfest polka"

 6. Johann Strauss "Neue Pizzicato polka"

 7. Johann Strauss "Vergnugungszug polka"

 8. Johann Strauss "Rosen aus dem Suden"

    ca.35 min.


 Program Part II

 1. Johann Strauss "Einzugs marsch" aus der Operette "Der Zigeunerbaron"

 2. Johann Strauss "Eljen a Magyar" polka schnell

 3. Johann Strauss "Klipp - Klapp gallop"  

 4. Johann Strauss "Tritsch - Tratsch" polka

 5. Eduard Strauss "Bahn frei" polka

 6. Johann Strauss "Auf Ferrienreisen" polka

 7. Johann Strauss "Auf der Jagd" polka

 8. Johann Strauss senior "Seufzer gallop"  

 9. Johann Strauss "Wiener Blut" walzer


 1. Joseph Strauss."Ohne Sorgen" polka

 2. Johann Strauss  "An der schoenen blauen Donau" walzer

 3. Joseph Strauss.senior "Radetzky Marsch"


Johann Kruk Play 8 Seasons

The Four Seasons by Astor Piazzolla is another proposal led to the so-called repertoire. the general public. You can listen to the version of Piazzolla's works specially arranged for world-class virtuoso Gidon Kremer for solo violin and piano or harpsichord and string orchestra. The song is intertwined with paraphrases of the great work of Antonio Vivaldi with the same title. The concert is an extraordinary journey between two worlds, Vivaldi and Piazzolla.

EIGHT SEASONSAntonio Vivaldi's Four Seasons of the YearAstro Piazzolla Four SeasonsJohann raven solo violinMaria Weaver violin soloRoman Yusipiey accordion / bandoneonString orchestra and Harpsichord



1.     A. Piazzolla „Meditango” – Accordion solo ( Roman ) c.a.6 min

2.     A. Vivaldi „Summer” II/III part – Violin solo (Maria) c.a. 5.00 min

3.     A. Piazzolla „Summer” – Violin solo (Johann) c.a.6.00 min

4.     A. Piazzolla „Violen Tango” – Accordion solo (Roman) c.a. 3.30 min

5.     A. Vivaldi „ Autumn” I part – Violin solo (Johann) c.a. 6.15 min

6.     A. Piazzolla „Autumn” – Violin and Accordion solo ( Maria, Roman) c.a. 6.50 min

7.     A. Piazzolla „Undertango” – Accordion solo (Roman) c.a.4.15 min

Time/Czas 37 min



1.     A. Vivaldi "Winter" I part – Violin solo ( Maria ) c.a. 4min.

2.     A. Piazzolla  "Winter" – Violin solo (Johann) c.a. 6.30min.

3.     A. Vivaldi "Spring" I part – Violin solo (Maria ) c.a. 3.30min.

4.      A. Piazzolla "Spring" – Violin solo (Johann) c.a. 5.20min. 

5.     A. Piazzolla "History of Tango" (Jahr 1900-Bordel) –Violin and Accordio solo (Johann and Roman)  c.a. 3.40min.

6.     A. Piazzolla "History of Tango" (Jahr 1930-Cafe) - Violin and Accordio solo (Maria and Roman)c.a. 8.00min.

A. Piazzolla "History of Tango" (Jahr 1960-Nightclub) - Violin and Accordio solo (Johann und Roman) c.a. 5.00min. Time/Czas 35 min