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Pavlo Tabakov

Meet Guest Entertainer Pavlo Tabakov

An outstanding Voice of Ukraine 

His repertoire includes songs in Ukrainian, Russian, English, French, Italian, Spanish. The singer works in the genres of pop, pop-rock, jazz, pop-classics…

Winner of Golos krayiny (The Voice), the most professional vocal project of the Ukrainian television (1+1 channel, January-April of 2012).

On the 15th of December 2012 Pavlo Tabakov signed the contract with the largest music corporation Universal Music Group.

Winner of the TV project Shans (The Chance) (2005). Semifinalist of the show Ukrayina maye talant!-2 (Ukraine Has the Talent!-2) (2010, member of acapella male group Orphei (Orpheus) and national selection for Eurovision (2010-2011).

Pavlo has his own group of musicians. Performance by Pavlo Tabakov is a romantic and at the same time driving.

In 2007-2011 Pavlo Tabakov released four albums of various genres: Tilky ty moya (You Belong Only to Me), Rizdvo dlia dvokh (Christmas for the Two), Ty pidpalyla rai (You've Set the Paradise on Fire), Kava-Blues (Coffee-Blues). In March of 2013 the fifth album was released under the title Miy svit (My World) (under the label of company Universal Music Group).

VIDEOS (SHOW'S – from classic music and crossover - to pop and rock music):

SHOW Nr 1 - World Hits Nr 1 - Tribute to Queen (World hits with a symphony orchestra. Part 2) (Queen)

SHOW Nr 2 – Pavlo Tabakov Best Pop Music (Sting, Englishman in New York) (Charles Aznavour, Une Vie D’Amour) (Andrea Bocelli, Vivo per lei) (Cielito Lindo) (Demis Russos, From Souvenir to Souvenirs) (Night city; music by Pavlo Tabakov) (Andrea Bocelli, Somos Novios)

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