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Ukrainian - Imperial Ballet invites you to indulge your love of ballet by becoming a personal friend and supporter of the AVIP Group Company. The quality of our work is superb but it cannot be sustained on Government funding alone, which is why we are so grateful to the many individuals who support our work by becoming a member, supporting and production.

Our vision is to be the EU most creative and most loved ballet company. Our partnerships with individuals, funders, brands and trusts  are key to achieving this, whilst helping to enrich the Lviv cultural life.

We stand for artistic excellence, bold creativity whilst honouring and building upon tradition.

Shceherezade Ballet - R. Korskov

Rimsky-Korsakov stated "The unison phrase, as though depicting Scheherazade’s stern spouse, at the beginning of the suite appears as a datum, in the Kalendar’s Narrative, where there cannot, however, be any mention of Sultan Shakhriar. In this manner, developing quite freely the musical data taken as a basis of composition, I had to view the creation of an orchestral suite in four movements, closely knit by the community of its themes and motives, yet presenting, as it were, a kaleidoscope of fairy-tale images and designs of Oriental character." had a tendency to juxtapose keys a major third apart, which can be seen in the strong relationship between E and C major in the first movement. This, along with his distinctive orchestration of melodies which are easily comprehensible, assembled rhythms, and talent for soloistic writing allowed for such a piece as Scheherazade to be written.






Classical Balett Show - Scheherezade

Sensation On Your Stage

Our vision is to be the World most creative and most loved ballet company. Classical Ballet Show is a very energetic group, warming to red every audience. If you or your company would like to discuss how you could enjoy a collaboration with us talk to AVIP Group.


Swan Lake Ballet