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An outstanding pianist, vocalist,

Throughout his 31 years of playing the piano, he has learnt how to produce just the right sound that is easy on the ear. First taught by his father at age around 6, he then went on to pursue formal classical training at the Battswood College of Music in 1986 at the age of 10 through till 1994. During those 8 years he also enrolled in the Royal Schools of Music examinations through till grade 8, obtaining distinctions in some of his practical examinations. In 1995, he started jazz studies with George Werner at the Jazz Workshop, after which he then pursued a business degree. In 2001, he resumed his jazz studies at the Jazz Workshop with legendary jazz pianist and teacher Mertyn Barrow.




  •   "Then with the help of keyboardist extraordinaire Ralston van der Schyff, goes on to prove it with 'Song Sung Blue', melding into 'Sweet Caroline' - much to the delight of the audience who sang along lustily on opening night...The aforementioned Van der Schyff is a highlight with the way he lovingly caresses those romantic notes out of the keys."

    [Source: Bianca Coleman, Cape Argus Tonight (Aug 06, 2004)]

  •   "Ralston van der Schyff se klavierspel in 'Swart Koffee' is onverbeterlik...[english translation: Ralston van der Schyff's playing in 'Black Coffee' couldn't have been played any better...]"

    [Source: Karen Breytenbach, Independent Newspapers (Apr 10, 2004)]

  •   "...Van der Schyff se vingers wat rats oor die klawers hop - dit is die hart van swing." [english translation: "...Van der Schyff's fingers that effortlessly hop over the keys - that is the heart of swing."]

    [Source: Marlize van Taak, Independent Newspapers (Aug 10, 2004)]


Ralston van der Schyff Pianist

Pianist, Vocalist

Introducing one of South Africa's finest musicians, jazz pianist, composer and entertainer Ralston van der Schyff has developed his own unique style of piano playing.His reputation for panache and sophistication is echoed by many audiences who have enjoyed listening to him play.